Storyburgh publishes undertold stories.

Narratives that are seldom told by the mainstream media. Sure, but what are they really?

  • Our stories are not just about social justice issues of the marginalized demographics but also about human experiences of all stakeholders involved including the caretakers, the service providers, the nonprofits organizations, the grantmakers, the policy makers
  • What are their driving factors, who/what encourages/discourages them, what are their regrets, what did go wrong and right, how do they become who they are now — what have they learned that other people should know?
  • When the stories are published the lives of the people involved continue, and so do our stories. We plan to do follow up stories as frequently as our resource allows.

The topics/themes below should be used as a guideline only: they are adapted from categories/causes specified by Charity Navigator. Click the text on each box for sub-categories/causes.

Primary: Landmark Preservation, Performing Arts, Media
Secondary: Libraries, Historical Societies, Museums, Public Broadcasting

Primary: Housing & Neighborhood Development, Community Foundations
Secondary: Jewish Federations, United Ways, Fundraising

Primary: Early Childhood Programs, Universities & Colleges, K-12, Other Education, Special Ed., Adult/Youth, Policy
Secondary: n/a

Primary: Conservation, Beautification
Secondary: Protection, Gardens, Parks & Nature Centers

Primary: Health Disorders, Patient & Family Support, Treatment & Prevention,
Secondary: Diseases, Medical Research

Primary: Advocacy & Education, Immigration/Refugee, Veterans Issues, Women’s Issues & Stories, LGBTQIA, Race & Ethnic, Education
Secondary: n/a

Primary: Children & Family, Homelessness, Elderly, Foster & Adoption, Social Service, Food Bank+Pantry+Distribution, Youth Dev+Shelter+Crisis
Secondary: n/a

Primary: Religious Activities
Secondary: Religious Media+Broadcasting

Primary: Research That Matters (To Be Defined)
Secondary: Non Medical Science & Technology Research, Social & Public Policy Research

We are aware that some stories might not directly fit into any of the above categories, but if you believe that

  • the story is unique to your particular neighborhood, or
  • other community can learn from it or from his/her experience, or
  • it is compelling enough to be remembered for future generation

Please do not hesitate to let us know.

For any question or pitch or submission, please contact us .

Are you angered by the death of George Floyd? We are.

Are you concerned that property destruction and violence are driving the focus away from peaceful and just demonstrations? We are.

Are you ready for Pittsburgh to go back to normal? We are not.

Murder in broad daylight, by agents of the state, is horrific and shocking and cannot stand.

But there are many other and more subtle ways to choke life from BIPOC, all very normal in the before times, such as:

All of this normal, accepted behavior is slow motion violence:  failing to act systematically, diligently and persistently, as documented by a scathing scientific study (commissioned by City of Pittsburgh) that indicates that Pittsburgh is the worst city in America for Black People.

Yes, we ALL want to feel comfortable and good about ourselves– displaying black screen as avatars, discussing/arguing in social media echo-chambers, posting public statements that you “stand with them.” But feeling comfortable without changing a thing at the expense of BIPOC, especially our Black brothers and sisters, can no longer be an option.

Please watch this video of Van Jones about latent danger of racism and then look at yourself at the mirror. Next, ask people in your own network and circle of influence to do the same.

Back to the old normal is not acceptable.

What are you going to do to create a better now?


Will Halim
Founding Director of Storyburgh


Storyburgh is run by freelancers/part-timers who each have own individual views. The opinion expressed here is my own and does not represent that of the entire group.


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