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"Impact is demonstrated through Outcomes and Stories"

88% want to see program outcomes data and 81% say impact stories are desirable.

Not so long ago, organizations collected story clippings from various print media to support causes or positions they were supporting. But, with the dearth of legacy local media that report a wide spectrum of social justice stories, accomplishing such tasks are now harder than ever before.

Through Impact-StoryPage ™ we all can champion a cause by curating stories that matter


Any journalists, citizen-journalists and concerned citizens drive and manage this page, under our editorial’s guidance

Any mission driven organization may also integrate this page into their website


In addition to the causes already listed on Story submission guidelines page, Storyburgh encourages anyone or any organization to champion other cause

One Day Away Impact-StoryPage ™ is championed by Communication and Education Committee of Allegheny County Human Advisory Board


Storyburgh-initiated stories
Underwritten stories
First Person stories
Community stories
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