Non Profit Organizations
( + social enterprise and mission/CSR driven organizations )

Enable your stakeholders to visualize

and understand the causes you serve

Key Benefits:

  1. Impact story with balanced written and visual narratives to include in your annual reports and newsletters
  2. Trustworthy (see editorial policy) — not a PR spiel, in adherence to SPJ and NPPA ethics (except for First Person and select Community-written piece)
  3. Real stories from the community your organization serves
  4. Creative Commons Licensing for non-commercial reuse
  5. Compelling yet concise stories for millennials to experience

Other Benefits:

  1. Priority on the story’s message and its cause, rather than its “Likes” and “Shares” potential
  2. Collaboration with other nonprofit organizations, serving the same or complementary cause
  3. Meeting CSR goals by underwriting a story, a page or even more

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