After a couple of years conceptualizing and with the help of Launch Hilltop: Impact Incubator, a program of New Sun Rising, Storyburgh was officially born on November 15, 2015.

The main idea is to converge journalism, social activism, workforce utilization, and technology to harness synergy among mission-driven organizations through collaboration, transparency and democratization of curatorial / editorial process of community stories. 


Storyburgh is a not for profit community storytelling platform that 1) Give voice to marginalized populations by telling their underreported stories, and 2) Enable organizational stakeholders to visualize and understand the causes they serve


  • Engage and inform our audience on topics involving social justice, innovation, academia and marginalized populations by utilizing photographers and journalists, as well as informed and passionate citizen journalists.
  • Foster collaborative works of photography and written word to preserve arts, culture and humanities.
  • Publish personal and empirical stories on a variety of issues that promote awareness of our surroundings, and to facilitate people and other organizations to be involved and/or take actions.

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Original Logo Design: Elena Cerri
Logo Design 2.0: Molly Thompson
Trade Name: Martha Rial
Concept & Initial Codes: Will Halim & Hilary Klein

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