The North Shore Story:

Walking Bob

By Willy James

“No, I’ll let you know. Not ready yet, I’ll let you know.”

– Walking Bob

Walking Bob is a documentary about a man who walks around in my neighborhood. He’s really well known to the people in the community on the lower Northside. You can often find him near the guard rail by the local beer distributor, Stedeford’s record store, or Lillen’s pizza shop.

“We talk politics sometimes, we talk the neighborhood sometimes. Bob is very savvy about what’s going on in this neighborhood. You know, he just keeps his eye open. If you want to know some things that are happening along East Ohio street, I’d say he probably knows as much about it as anyone.”

John Canning

“Give me the macaroni coleslaw!”

– Walking Bob

Do you know Bob?

If you do and want to tell a story about him, you are more than welcome to do so. Please do sign-up and submit your story.

Story Credits

Author & Videographer: Willy James
Web Producer: Will Halim

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